02 June, 2011

Classic Notes gets image support

You can now add images within the latest version of classic notes on the market. Enjoy.


Juan said...

I like that!!!
But how do you remove the image if
I don't want it anymore???

Paul said...

I will add that in soon

Peter said...

Sorry, I'm just a classic bitchy user who wants everything now. :)

My wish list includes
- being able to select tags vs. hash them in
- being able to draw free-form and have that stored as a "note" (it's a type of note esp. if you're meeting with other geeks you gotta draw). The free-form should scale, not be fixed to a single page width/height.
-be able to export to anything else running on my device.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to add multiple images? Currently I can only use one image at a time. Also exporting images as an attachment ... is that possible?