22 June, 2011

Classic Notes update released

New update released.

- To-do support w/ privacy options for password protection
- Priorities - Prioritize notes, to-do's, to-do tasks
- Sorting through notes, to-do's, tasks will remember your preference
- Attach To-do's to notes
- Tagging & tag sorting. From the sort menu you can choose the sort by tags option and a list will be presented with all tags you've entered and choosing one will display all notes/todo's with that tag.


Giesse said...

Sorry if I've missed this, but I've just found this app and it sound wonderful.... except that I also read that there is no way to sync it to Outlook! Is that correct? If so, it makes the program rather useless for me. If it can be done, can you please tell me where I can find how it's done?

Paul said...

I don't use outlook but I'll see what I can do

Niantzer said...

How to export/backup all my data from my extensive-notes-notepad?

Paul said...

@Niantzer different database so you can't but you can export any note to text than import those.