12 August, 2011

Looking for reviewers

If anyone knows of someone who does Android reviews or is an Android reviewer them self I'm looking to get both Extensive notes and Classic notes reviewed. Please pass the word along if you can or simply e-mail me or contact me via twitter @fluffydelusions. Thanks!


Dani Buron said...

I perform reviews for Gizmodo Spain. Which is you Email address, I cannot find it? I would also like to ask you to get rid off the 3 files limitation on notes. Unlimited files or at least >10 would make it even more awesome. Also there are problems attaching .doc, .xls and .txt files they cannot be viewed or edited. Thanks

3bros said...

how do we get answers to questions related to your color notes app? It's a great app, but big problems that many have when it comes to restoring files. No one can seem to find any answers.