24 June, 2014

New app Around the World if anyone wants to test it out. A simple, elegant world clocks application. Hope you enjoy :)

09 June, 2014

Notes+ FAQ

Note+ FAQ
Google Play link

What's the difference between Note+ and Classic/Extensive notes?
Apart from graphical differences, the most notable difference is that Note+ is built specifically for Jellybean and up only devices.

How can I backup/restore my data from Dropbox or SD card?
These 2 options are both available via the settings menu. Once you've made some backups you can simply click it from the list and restore your data. There is also an auto backup feature available. This will create a device specific backup and upload it to your Dropbox account every time you exit the application. You can easily merge this data among devices.

Can you translate Note+ into other languages?
If anyone wants to help translate, feel free to e-mail me and I'll send you the necessary files

I found a bug or have a suggestion on something to add
Just e-mail me :)

What is the difference between the lite and pro versions?
Lite version contains ads. That is the only difference.

How does the reference tool work?
Simply place the cursor over the desired word you want information for.

08 May, 2014

Convert Everything FAQ
Link on Google Play

How do I set a category as a favorite?
Go into the desired category and hit the menu button and select the "Favorite category" option to add to favorites. The category will now be visible from the main screen in the "Favorites" section. Press again to remove. Alternatively, long press the entry from the main screen and click the favorites option

How do I add a unit inside a category to favorites?
When you have the desired units selected simply click the star icon in the menu. This will add to the favorites menu inside the category. When inside the favorites screen, clicking the star icon will remove the selected units from favorites.

How do I add something to a category I created?
Simple. Long press the section you want added which will bring up a context menu. Select the category option then add to the desired category.

What's the difference between pro and light versions?
The lite version contains ads. That is all.

There is so much stuff, I'm not sure where to find what I want
You can simply type the unit you want in search to bring up all available options. E.g. typing kilogram will show all available categories.

I'd like to have something added or I think I found an error
Use the support option within the app to contact me or just post here in this thread and I'll respond

18 September, 2011

My contact info for problems/suggestions

If anyone has issues or suggestions with my apps it's best and easiest to contact me via e-mail or twitter:

E-mail: fluffydelusions@gmail.com
Twitter: @fluffydelusions
Google+: Add me to your circles

You can also follow and ask questions in this thread at XDA forums.

I'll usually respond right away unless of course I'm sleeping :)

12 August, 2011

Looking for reviewers

If anyone knows of someone who does Android reviews or is an Android reviewer them self I'm looking to get both Extensive notes and Classic notes reviewed. Please pass the word along if you can or simply e-mail me or contact me via twitter @fluffydelusions. Thanks!

07 July, 2011

Minimal titlebar style for Classic Notes

In trying to keep the UI very minimal, I did new title bar style. Tell me what you think. Clicking the left button that shows your note count will allow you to sort through your items. The new button as the name implies, opens a dialog allowing you to choose between a new note or new todo.

27 June, 2011

Classic notes update released

* Bug Fixes
* Reminders
* References:
Example Word Usage
Music Related
Postal Code Lookup
Question and Answer
Spelling Suggestions
Album Art
Artist Information
Artist Image
Artists Similar to
Track Information