18 September, 2011

My contact info for problems/suggestions

If anyone has issues or suggestions with my apps it's best and easiest to contact me via e-mail or twitter:

E-mail: fluffydelusions@gmail.com
Twitter: @fluffydelusions
Google+: Add me to your circles

You can also follow and ask questions in this thread at XDA forums.

I'll usually respond right away unless of course I'm sleeping :)

12 August, 2011

Looking for reviewers

If anyone knows of someone who does Android reviews or is an Android reviewer them self I'm looking to get both Extensive notes and Classic notes reviewed. Please pass the word along if you can or simply e-mail me or contact me via twitter @fluffydelusions. Thanks!

07 July, 2011

Minimal titlebar style for Classic Notes

In trying to keep the UI very minimal, I did new title bar style. Tell me what you think. Clicking the left button that shows your note count will allow you to sort through your items. The new button as the name implies, opens a dialog allowing you to choose between a new note or new todo.

27 June, 2011

Classic notes update released

* Bug Fixes
* Reminders
* References:
Example Word Usage
Music Related
Postal Code Lookup
Question and Answer
Spelling Suggestions
Album Art
Artist Information
Artist Image
Artists Similar to
Track Information

24 June, 2011

Follow me on Twitter

If anyone is interested in following me on twitter I'll keep you posted on app updates:
Twitter link

Also if anyone scrobbles, here is my last.fm profile. Feel free to add me.
Last.FM link

22 June, 2011

Classic Notes update released

New update released.

- To-do support w/ privacy options for password protection
- Priorities - Prioritize notes, to-do's, to-do tasks
- Sorting through notes, to-do's, tasks will remember your preference
- Attach To-do's to notes
- Tagging & tag sorting. From the sort menu you can choose the sort by tags option and a list will be presented with all tags you've entered and choosing one will display all notes/todo's with that tag.

02 June, 2011

Classic Notes gets image support

You can now add images within the latest version of classic notes on the market. Enjoy.