30 March, 2015

Classic Notes FAQ

Privacy Policy

Question: Where can I find the Privacy Policy?
Answer: The most recent version of the privacy policy can be found here.

Question: I just got a Samsung Galaxy S7 and cannot locate the menu. Where did it go?
Answer: The settings can also be accessed in the sort menu (top left from the main screen) or you can enable this in your phones settings: Settings>accessibility>dexterity and interaction>assistant menu

Question: What happened to the icon/font you used to have?
Answer: Due to a DMCA complaint from Apple on March 18, 2015 for the above, my app was suspended on Google Play.  Google originally told me they would not be reinstating my app and to upload it as an entirely new package without the infringing material. April 21, 2015 - An Apple lawyer contacted Google and told them they could reinstate it so long as I made the necessary changes.

Question: What is the difference between the lite and pro versions?
Answer: Lite version is ad supported. That is all.

Question: I don't like how long/short the title is or how can I manually edit the title?
Answer: The default behavior of the title is to use the first few words of a note. You can however change this from settings at the main menu if you'd rather it lower or higher. Additionally, you can also set a custom title by tapping on the "Edit Note" button at the top left of a note and selecting the "Edit title" option.

Question: How can I transfer my notes to a new device?
Answer: From the main menu of Classic notes on your old device select backup&send and send to somewhere online such as Gmail, Dropbox etc then on new device download the backup file and select restore (custom) from inside Classic Notes and select the backup file.

Question: Where do backups go on the device?
Answer: They will be placed inside the Notes directory of your device.

Question: Is there a sync option?
Answer: Not currently though that is planned at some point. You can however use a 3rd party application that will sync folders on your device and set autobackup on inside Classic notes and point the application to the Notes directory and have it monitor any changes and upload accordingly.

Question: I've found bug, have a suggestion, or a question. What is the best way to contact you?
Answer: You can e-mail me via the support menu inside the app, ask me on Twitter, or post on the XDA thread.

Question: The font is a bit small, can I make larger?
Answer: Yes. Font options are found in settings from the main menu.

Question: I accidentally cut some text or deleted a note. Can I get it back?
Answer: Most likely yes. For accidentally deleted text, while inside the note hit the "Edit Note" button at the top left and try checking history or even the "Undo last" option. If you deleted the note entirely and you can no longer access the note from the main menu of Classic Notes select the "Trash" button and click the deleted entry.

Question: How can I move a note into a different folder?
Answer: Enter the note you wish to move and click the "Edit Note" menu top left and select the folder option.